Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cool Jobs are Cool: Part 2

My other recruiter just came into my office to as some ridiculous question about something boring and work related.

And then showed me his Steelers socks (because we had to have a serious conversation about not wearing short, athletic socks in the office when someone important is here for a visit about a month ago, so we have impromptu sock checks, I guess). Apparently, they're thermal. Because it's "cold". It's, like, 55. And it's almost December. It's not "cold".

And then he explained to me how Charlotte winters are awesome because if it's warm in the evening you can have a bon fire.
Me: Is it like a hobo fire? Because your socks look like hobo socks.
Guy: No, it's in an upscale neighborhood at my friend's house.
Me: Is your friend's house made of cardboard and dirt?
Guy: No, it's in Upscale Neighborhood X. (All uppity-like)
Me: So? That doesn't mean it's not a cardboard "house". I mean, they have a hobo fire, after all.
Guy: It's not a hobo fire. It's in a fire pit. I have a fire pit for my deck at my apartment too. They're very nice. (getting very angry and cocky about his alleged fancy fire pit)
Me: Well, that's just illegal.
Guy: Touché.
Me: Have fun at your hobo fire tonight.
Guy: *eye roll*

I'm such an awesome boss...

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