Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Holy shit ya'll!!! I WON! I seriously won!!!

I'm terrible about buying Powerball tickets and never checking them...ever. I keep them in my coin compartment in my car and then just forgot about them. But holy shit, today, I finally got them checked. And I won.

I got my winning ticket and cash and waved it in the air and cheered in the Kangaroo Express! "WOO HOO! I WON!!!!". The only other patron was a guy getting coffee. He looked at me like I was mostly crazy and asked, "Do you really need it?" And I said, "Yes! Of course! I won!" The clerk also looked at me like I was crazy until I informed him that it was the most I've ever won on Powerball.

After the excitement died down, I took my coffee and my Coke Zero and my $4 winnings and carried on with my life like I hadn't just won on the Powerball.

Don't worry guys. I won't let it change me.

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