Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Crafty as F***

Recently, I discovered Pinterest. I'd had an account for months but could never quite figure it out and didn't have the patience at that time to try. I'm super spoiled and got an iPad for Christmas and have rediscovered a number of websites I had previously written off because of it. Pinterest being one of them. I've always been pretty crafty when the mood strikes and my New Year's Day (Observed) holiday proved to be an excellent time to dust of the crafting shears and make something awesome.

I was originally inspired by this pin on Pinterest for a heart-shaped, red felt wreath for Valentine's day made out of hundreds of red felt circles, pinned onto a foam wreath from theidearoom.blogspot.com.

My inspiration!
I thought this little wreath would be so cute and set off to Michael's to supply-up! I found the push pins and red felt with no trouble, but had some difficulty finding the heart shaped foam base for the project. I ended up deciding to just go with a circle and figured I'd hang a cool sparkly heart in the middle of it. However, my luck changed when I was in the pre-packaged-fabric aisle (because my Michael's doesn't have fabric by the yard, but does have a stupendous selection of 2-3 yard segments) and came across an awesome khaki colored, loose-weave cotton. I decided that the heart was just not meant to be, but a cool, khaki colored circle wreath was definitely in the cards!

My total supplies ended up being:
1 foam circle wreath base (I have no idea what the official title is, nor do I know how large it is. Maybe 14"?)
2 yards of khaki colored cotton fabric (probably could've used 2.5-3 yards, but was too lazy to go get more fabric)
1 pack of 240 ball-topped push pins
1 ft. cream colored ribbon

I started by tracing a shit-load of circles onto the fabric (that I had folded and then folded again, so I got 4 circles for everyone that I traced and cut out. You could probably fold it more if you had badass scissors.) In total, I would guess that I probably had somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 circles, but it might have been more like 175 based on how many of the pins were left. Sorry, I lost count at 108...

You start by taking one of the circles and folding it in half. Then in half again so it looks like a little cone. Sorry, no pics. I was too busy cutting out damn near 200 circles and pinning them onto a freaking foam circle.

Then you take your little cone with the curly edges and pin the point side onto the wreath leaving the curly edges sticking up. You kind of have to play around with how many you put and where, but eventually it starts to take shape. I started by putting WAY too many, but was able to move them around to be a bit more conservative with my circle usage (basically because I ran out of circles with 1/4 of it left to cover. Oops.)

Keep making millions (slight exaggeration) of folded circles pinned onto the wreath until it's totally covered. Like this:
I tied some cream ribbon around it so I could hang it on my door, but you could, obviously, do whatever the F you want. I had planned on putting a blue felt flower on it, but really liked it just plain like that, so I held off. Our front door happens to also be cream/khaki so it doesn't exactly "POP", but I think it still looks pretty darn cool and will look even cooler when I finally have a colored door.

If anybody makes one of these, I'd LOVE to see it, so please shoot me a link! Or, if you have any suggestions or ways to jazz them up, let me know and I can include it in this blog.

Happy crafting and happy pinning!!!

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