Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyone Should Have Siblings This Obnoxious and Awesome!

So, I'm moving to Atlanta at the beginning of February with my fiancé for his job, so we've had a few trips down that way recently in hopes of not being homeless. After months of searching, we finally found a place to live, and are no longer intermittently homeless. WOOT!

Atlanta is a HUGE city. Way bigger than anywhere I've ever lived before (Kansas City, Missouri, Kirksville, Missouri, Charlotte, North Carolina), well, except for that 6 year stint I had previously in Atlanta, but I don't think it counts if you were pooping your pants for at least 2 of those years. (Unless it was during college and you have a bad habit while drinking) I was actually born in Atlanta and went to Kindergarten there, but I don't think that counts as actually "living" somewhere since I probably never ventured outside of the 20 mile radius of where I was born and lived. Needless to say, there is some crazy shit going on in that town. From "Occupy Atlanta" protesters camping out in front of a run down house in a bad part of town, to a homeless dude, ahem, "touching" himself in broad daylight on the sidewalks, to finding out that someone got shot outside of a bar I was at just a few months prior. All totally awesome.

This past weekend during a marathon apartment hunt, however, I came across another kind of crazy. An awesome kind of crazy.

Yes, that says "Please Hire My Brother! He's a Salesman" and then the phone number. The website is still active and is basically just the guys resume and email address.

How awesome is that?! Granted, it was in kind of a weird location right across from a bunch of train tracks on a road that not many people were on, but it's still awesome! I mean, of course there's always a chance that his brother lives in his basement and is a real jerk and he's just trying to get him out, but that's still pretty darn cool. That sign itself would've cost $100!

The economy is still a little rough, but it's good to see that people are taking a creative approach to find a job. Not to mention, what an awesome brother (or sister, I suppose). It's the little things like this that make me laugh a little and see the bright spot in humanity. I believe that people are, in general, good, and this is just proof of that.

Need more proof? My sister is also awesome. Just look at this incredible Christmas gift I received!
Yeah. It's a Forever Lazy. Jealous?!!? It was so exciting, I couldn't even be lazy in the damn thing. I was just too excited.

Siblings...for the first 18 years of your life you want to stab them and then they give you awesome gifts. Sweet.

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